Trivia and fun facts about the 1971 film Harold and Maude.

  • Elton John was first approached to do music for Harold and Maude but declined because of time constraints due to his growing popularity. He suggested Cat Stevens for this film score project. 1
  • Harold and Maude played for a total of 1,957 showings from March 20, 1972 until May 29, 1974 at the Westgate Theater in Edina, Minnesota. Ruth Gordon appeared for the first anniversary celebration. Gordon and Bud Cort show up at the Westgate for the second anniversary. 2
  • Even though Harold and Maude only cost $1.3 million to produce, it took over 12 years to turn a profit. 3
  • Harold and Maude is ranked #69 on the AFI (American Film Institute) list of America’s Greatest Love Stories. 4

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